Other items of importance to Shaw included mental health, trade schools and teacher’s salaries. Here he sits at his seat in Jan. 2019. PHOTO COURTESY OF RAY SHAW

Across the aisle

Walking into the Montana House of Representatives Chamber, one steps through an aisle in the center and looks towards a Charlie Russell painting. Democrat representatives sit on the right, if you are facing the painting, and Republicans on the left.

Representative Ray Shaw described the aisle in between as Montana.

CTC’s website states that youth in CTC communities were 25%-33% less likely to have health and behavior problems than youth from control communities. PHOTO COURTESY OF CTC

Communities That Care

In partnership with Southwest Montana Prevention, community members are working on implementing Communities That Care (CTC) in Madison County. The process began a year ago but was set back due to the pandemic.

Bill Tate uses his metal detector to find the metal stakes inside the fenced-in area where it is possible that Virginia City volunteers are buried. PHOTO BY KEELY LARSON


Forty miles from Alder, past Upper Canyon Outfitters on the right side of the road near Poison Creek, sits a fenced in portion of grass.

Near the Three Forks Upper Ruby Allotment, before the cowboy camp. PHOTO BY KEELY LARSON

Something for everyone

After a 35-day government shutdown at the end of 2019, Congress approved a spending package to fund the federal government for the next fiscal year. Part of this package included $1.38 million for Wildlife Services (WS) to hire employees responsible for nonlethally reducing conflict between predators and livestock in 12 states.

Florence Nightingales’ graph that documented her data of disease being the majority cause of death in the Crimea War, which 900,000 people died. Image provided by London Sotheby in the Smithsonian Magazine article “The Defiance of Florence Nightingale.”

Community focused

Devastating realities in history have prompted and propelled the role of public health in societies. The induction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency after 9/11 drove Madison County to create a public health board for the first time in 2001.


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