Chance Story answers questions about his science fair project, which examined the effects of intensive grazing on forage growth on local ranches. Story earned third place in the 10th grade biological sciences category for his research, as well as a $75 award from the Madison Conservation District. (R. Colyer)

Science Fair Success

More than 100 projects garner scholarships, prizes

ENNIS—Ennis Schools held its 25th annual science fair on Monday, January 28, awarding over $2,500 in prizes at an evening awards ceremony after a day of volunteer judging and public viewing.

Elementary, middle and high school students did class, team and individual projects that ranged in topic from whether an egg would grow when soaked in vinegar and the most effective methods of cattle grazing to what substance kept chocolate chip cookies from sticking to their pans and whether beet juice helped melt ice on roads. Projects were divided into categories by grade and between physical and biological science foci.

Ennis High School science teacher Kelly Leo says 119 students participated in the science fair, and of those, 28 students qualified for the regional fair, which will take place at Montana Tech in Butte on March 7 for the eight sophomores who qualified in the high school division and March 12 for the twenty 5th-8th grade students who made the cut.

“A very special thank you to all the generous donors for sponsoring awards to this event,” said Leo after the fair. “There were over 30 volunteer judges that worked diligently to evaluate all the projects throughout the day.” 

Leo also wished to thank Janet Dochnahl, Kaye Suzuki, Kris Inman, Marc Elser, Gail Elser, Lyndell Story, and Ron and Sandi Pfau, who organized judges and scoring; high school students who helped setup and teardown of the fair; and Ennis’s custodial and kitchen staff for helping ensure the event came off seamlessly.


Ennis Science Fair Award Winners:

4th grade

Biological - 1st Tara Keller; 2nd Colton Hopper; 3rd (tie) Reese Dickinson/Megan Carney.  

Physical - 1st Barrett Garland; 2nd Peter Kelley; 3rd Ella Rolfe


5th Grade

Biological - 1st Izzy Haas; 2nd Isabelle Hawkinson; 3rd Hannah Stecker  

Physical - 1st Kiera Rice; 2nd Brummie Boggus; 3rd Emmisla Bell-Reed


6th Grade

Biological - 1st Caden Lovett; 2nd Ryker Swanson; 3rd Jaden Satre-Hutchins

Physical - 1st Finley Knapton; 2nd Ben Inman; 3rd Ally Hilton


7th Grade

Biological - 1st (Team) Hannah Todd and Elizabeth Olson


8th Grade

Biological - 1st Josey Blazer; 2nd (Team) Genesis Boyles and Rylee Klasna; 3rd Tanner Inman; 4th Kaycee Fredson

Physical - 1st Gillian Gilbert; 2nd Paul Christensen; 3rd Marlyssa Ledgerwood


10th Grade

Biological - 1st Rebekah Cook; 2nd (Team) Landri Paladichuk and Jenna Snider; 3rd Chance Story

Physical - 1st Kaya Fiedor; 2nd Kyle LaClair; 3rd Samantha Lake

Behavioral Science - 1st Elina Dilschneider and Avery Oliver; 2nd Jarrett Jenkins and Ian Swanson


Special Awards

Booster Club: $300 to Kaya Fiedor and Rebekah Cook

Ennis Arts Association: three $50 awards - Isabelle Hawkinson, Cooper Spicer and Caden Lovett

Ennis Chamber of Commerce: two $25 chamber cash - Olivia Lohrenz and Brianna Daems

Ennis Recycling Group: two $50 awards - Kaya Fiedor and Kyle LaClair

Madison Valley Bank: two $100 awards - (Team) Hannah Todd and Elizabeth Olson; Mrs. Glines 2nd Grade Class

Jack Creek Preserve: three $100 awards - Tanner Inman, (Team) Nicky Johnson and Will Inman, and Colton Hopper

Lions Club: $100 to Izzy Haas

Madison Conservation District: two $75 awards - Chance Story and Josey Blazer

Madison Valley Education Association: one $50 to Hannah Todd and Elizabeth Olson

Madison Farm to Fork: two $50 awards - Hannah Stecker and Isabelle Hawkinson

Madison Valley Medical Center: two $50 awards - Rebekah Cook and Finley Knapton

Madison River Foundation: two $100 awards - Josey Blazer and Colton Hopper

Madison Valley Women’s Club: five $100 awards - Madi Jo Nelson, Sal Fanelli, Mrs. Klein’s Kindergarten class, Bronwyn Comer and Kyle LaClair

Remax Real Estate: two $50 awards - Ms. Myers 1st Grade class and (team) Megan Barsness and Zoe Green

Madison Valley Lodging: $100 to Elina Dilschneider and Avery Oliver

Imerys Yellowstone Mine: three $50 awards - Kaya Fiedor, Izzy Haas and Morgan Kloote

INA Accounting: $100 to Hannah Todd and Elizabeth Olsen

 T & E Storage: $100 to Ben Inman

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