A Phased Reopening of Montana’s Economy

Gov. Bullock announced a phased reopening of Montana's economy, which will begin when all directives expire April 24. More details of the gradual process will be announced next week.

Montana has to ensure a sustained reduction of COVID-19 cases, that its hospitals have the capacity to treat all patients, that it has the testing capacity to test anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and that it can work with public health and businesses to continue to mitigate the risk of infection. 

"Even as we do scale-backs on the directives, it's not like this virus is going to go away," Gov. Bullock said.

Stringent guidelines will accompany the facets of Montana’s economy that will reopen, like taking employees’ temperatures every day and abiding to social distancing recommendations.

The directives that are lifted or reduced will allow local governments to decide what is best for its unique community. The phases of reopening the state’s economy will be in accordance with the Montana Public Health Department, local health providers, first responders and local businesses, according to Gov. Bullock. 

School-openings are not likely to be a part of the first phase of reopening the economy. State level plans will include actions and rollbacks in the event Montana has a surge of COVID-19 cases. Montana has recently seen a decline in COVI9-19 cases, which will have to continue to move forward with plans to gradually reopen Montana’s economy.

“I’d love to give the assurance that there won’t be any more spikes,” Bullock said. “We won’t be able to give that assurance until COVID-19 has gone away or there’s a vaccine. So, that won’t necessarily dictate what happens.” 

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