Living History on Memorial Day in Virginia City...  A lady rider, like looking back in time.  (J. Taylor phLiving History on Memorial Day in Virginia City...   Lookout hooligans, the VC sheriff is in town, with his helper passing out Virginia and Nevada City historical stickers. (J. Taylor phLiving History on Memorial Day in Virginia City...  Top: The all-female Bozeman Saddle-ites riders put on a performance of their mounted drill team precision on Main Street in Virginia City, on Saturday afternoon, May 26. The volunteer team performs in parades, rodeos and other special events April - October. (J. Taylor ph

VC parade celebrates Memorial Day, opening of tourist season

VIRIGINA CITY – Good weather resulted in a large crowd of people from all over, judging from the variety of license plates, turning out for Virginian City’s Memorial Day parade.

The parade took place on Saturday, May 26 at 1:30 p.m., and marked the opening day of the town’s tourist season.

Prior to the parade’s beginning, the crowd gathered enjoyed the town’s food, art, street music and rendezvousing with friends and family to witness the event.

Once the parade kicked off, however, if it hadn’t been for the modern cars and trucks lining the street, visitors might have thought they’d stepped back in time, to when Virginia City was young. Horses and wagons dominated Main Street for a time, and people attired circa late 1800s walked the streets – clearly a celebration of the communities focus on living history.

Joined by a couple of fire engines, a “Bob’s place” jeep with pizza box wheel covers, old cars and some floats – many threw candy to the kids and some young-at-heart adults – the parade traveled from one end of town to the other and back again.

One woman, at the completion of the parade, exclaimed to her friend, “This is the best parade ever, I love this parade!”

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