Hugh Z. Reynolds with Medals & Ribbons, including a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. (Submitted)

Hugh Reynolds joins Club 90 at Madison Valley Manor

ENNIS — Madison Valley Manor is honored to have a new addition to Club 90. Welcome Major Hugh Z. Reynolds, born December 21, 1919… yes, that’s right, he is 99 years old and well on his way to celebrating his 100th birthday.

Hugh retired from more than 28 years of combined military service, beginning his impressive military career at the age of 14. 

He joined the Montana National Guard in Harlowton, Montana on May 9, 1934 and entered Federal Service in 1940. He retired in 1966. 

During his service he fought alongside his brother Cliff Reynolds.

On December 7, 1941 Hugh and the troops received the shocking news that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor. Orders were immediately broadcast all over the Northwest directing all personnel to return to their commands as soon as possible. Within a week the 41st Division was deployed all along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, extending 150 miles south of Fort Lewis.  

Hugh then made the trip overseas along with a contingent of approximately 10,000 men aboard the Queen Elizabeth to Australia. Hugh wrote about his service in “A History of World War II: The 41st Infantry Division and My Service in the 163rd Regiment” which is recorded at 

He is also the author of “A Life Remembered Billy Goats, Broncs and Buttermilk Pancakes”, memories of his early years, returning from war, starting a family and fishing in Alaska.

Hugh is an avid reader, author, and story teller. He is humble about his accomplishments, it may take a few questions to get him talking, but it is well worth the effort if you want to hear about the 41st Infantry Division and his service in the 163rd Regiment, fishing in Alaska and here in Ennis, and so much more! It is a real treat meeting him and hearing about his adventures. We are looking forward to his 100 Year Birthday Celebration in December!

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