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On the trail with Katlyn Loftis

Katlyn Loftis is no stranger to life in a small town. She’s no stranger to life in a bustling city, nor a stranger to a life outside. Growing up in Pine Valley, Calif., Loftis made a detour to Montana after meeting her fiancé and has now called the Madison Valley home for two years. “I grew up in a tiny town, smaller than Ennis, but I’ve lived all over – from the mountains to the beach to the city,” Loftis said.

Loftis definitely has a sense of adventure to her, having spent 10 years working as a wildland fire fighter. From an engine to a helicopter to working with a hotshot crew, Loftis said she always enjoyed the new adventures each fire season brought. That adventuring spirit carried over into her daily life where she makes the most out of the area she calls home. From paddle boarding to kayaking to running to hiking to cross-country skiing, there is always something new for Loftis to explore. “I’m starting to discover more and more trails around and I like how peaceful it is and you can go hike in your backyard and not have to worry about seeing a bunch of people on the trail.”

Loftis is even taking to the valley’s favorite sport – fly fishing. “As soon as you get out there, it’s so calm and peaceful and you don’t have to worry about anything else,” she said of the sport. “And that first fish you catch is so exciting – even if it’s just a little whitefish. Just the aspect of learning and doing something new is exciting.”

Whether she’s on the river or on the trail, Loftis said the possibilities are endless when it comes to a lifestyle outside. “There’s always going to be a new picture, a new clip,” she said. “Every time you go out, it’s something different – it could be mountains or rolling hills or a river or a lake or wildflowers, and you always see different wildlife. You never know what you’re going to see.”

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