Antiques and restoration have been passions for Roxy Hudak since she was 16. It’s a hobby and passion she’s excited to share with others. PHOTO BY JOLENE PALMER

A little bit of everything

There’s a place Roxy Hudak goes when she needs a break from it all. It’s called her Woosah room – a place for clarity and calmness. Some folks find this place along the river, or perhaps in their garden. For Hudak, the room decorated with mementos of home and family, happens to be in the back of her new shop:

Tap into Ennis

Tap into Ennis was back after a year off due to the pandemic, and the smiles on faces and activities abound showed just how much events like this were missed.

Marine DJ Fowler’s first days of fly fishing were successful ones. PHOTO COURTESY WARREN BERG

Service on the fly

Service members were heavy on the minds of many over the last week as communities celebrated Memorial Day. Three current service members were also recently honored, in this case with a complimentary fly fishing experience at Madison Double R.

Can you sense the excitement? April Wuelfing’s six-year-old daughter Pattyn snapped this photo right after her mother learned she was Montana’s newest James Madison Fellow. That title comes with some perks, including a $24,000 scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in history. PHOTO BY PATTYN WUELFING

The rest is history

When an unexpected Fedex package arrived on Sheridan history teacher April Wuelfing’s doorstep recently, she didn’t think much of it. With three kids and all the online shopping being done lately, she figured it was something for the kids or her husband.

A mother and daughter, united by pregnancy. PHOTO COURTESY MARISA WEPPNER

Twin spirits

As any woman with children can attest, announcing your first pregnancy to your mother can be a nerve-racking experience. Twenty-three-year-old Montana native Marisa Weppner was living in Costa Rica and had recently learned she was expecting a baby. The time had come for a phone call to break the good news to her mom, Joan Hendrickson.


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