Wild horses arrive at Spanish Q Ranch

BLM HorseswebMore than 220 wild horses arrived at the Spanish Q Ranch west of Ennis last week.  The horses are part of a Bureau of Land Management program to move the animals from short term holding facilities around the West to a more permanent, long-term facility.

The horses began arriving at the ranch on Feb. 27 and it is expected that approximately 700 animals will be on the property by month-end.

Currently, the horses are being kept in smaller fenced in areas to allow them to acclimate to each other and new surroundings. They will be put out to graze on larger pastures this spring.

The project to bring the horses to Spanish Q Ranch began in 2009 and has been met with contention and resistance by neighboring landowners and other parties involved.

In December 2012, five different neighboring landowners appealed to the Department of the Interior Board of Land Appeals to stop the project, which resulted in a 45-day stay. Because IBLA did not make a decision on the appeals within 45-days, the BLM had the authority to proceed with the project.

Should the IBLA rule in favor of the adjacent landowners appeals, the animals would likely be moved again.

2 Responses to Wild horses arrive at Spanish Q Ranch

  1. Caryn Hyland says:

    It doesn’t look like there is room enough for them to run wild like they have been able to do.
    For some reason the BLM wants to eliminate the wild horses on the thousands of acres they have
    always had……

  2. Alice Dillon-Luckey says:

    Let me guess most of the people opposing the idea are not from Montana. Most Montana residents are either ranchers or farmers and some of the hardest working people I have ever met and worked with. I was born and raised in Montana. I don’t speak up much, but to help someone or an animal is a reward that can be given back. If from Montana, you would know we help each other out when in need. It’s called team work.

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