Wayne Black: Investing in the community

Wayne Black is no stranger to the communities in the Madison Valley. As the owner of Ennis’ local hardware store since 1980, Black has been catering to residents’ needs for a while.

“I bought the store from my parents after I came out to work for them,” Black said.

While he has been at the helm of all the valley’s hardware needs, Black makes sure to give back to the community that has stuck by him.

“We earn a living here in the community and a strong community helps multitudes of people and helps the businesses,” he said. “Being involved in different community projects, you’re investing back into the community.”

Whether it is through his 25 year Lions Club membership or different community fundraising events at the store, Black is leaving a positive impact.

“Living in the community, there is a responsibility to give back to the community that is investing in you,” he said. “And it’s important to have an investment in the community’s future.”

Recently, Black hosted an open house in honor of our local emergency responders – a first for him.

“We got a lot of positive feedback and you don’t always get a chance to interact with our emergency responders because they’re usually headed for something far more important,” Black said.

When the little bit of free time he has rolls around, Black spends it with family.

“You don’t always get a lot of time to do things outside of your business, but when you do, it’s always spent with family,” he said.

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