Wagner wins HD 71 primary, both levies pass

Incumbent Bob Wagner has fended off a spirited challenge from both Les Gilman and Ray Shaw to keep his seat as representative for House District 71 which encompasses all of Madison County and a portion of Jefferson County.

Wagner wins a three-way Republican race that didn’t have a Democratic challenger. He will likely go on to win the general election in November, as his only challenge would be from a write-in candidate.

The unofficial tally in the race came down after midnight. Wagner received 1,151 votes, Gilman received 1,025 and Shaw received 504.

It was the portion of HD 71 that extends into the southern part of Jefferson County that put Wagner over the top in the race.

Wagner won Jefferson County, taking 390 votes to Gilman’s 127 and Shaw’s 89. Wagner also did very well in the Madison Valley, getting 366 votes to Gilman’s 216 and Shaw’s 155.

But Gilman won the vote in Madison County, receiving 898 votes to Wagner’s 761 and Shaw’s 415. However, that margin was not enough to overcome Wagner’s wins in Jefferson County and east of the Tobacco Root and Gravelly Mountain Ranges.

Both Wagner and Gilman won in their respective communities. Wagner took home 144 votes in the Harrison precinct with Gilman getting 44 and Shaw getting 16. In the Alder precinct, Gilman got 73 votes to Shaw’s 31 and Wagner’s 18.

In other election news, voters in Madison County passed both the nursing home levy and noxious weed levy.

The nursing home levy passed 1363 to 849 and the noxious weed levy passed 1415 to 820.

In Virginia City, voters overwhelmingly passed the re-authorization of the resort tax, 82 to 32.

4 Responses to Wagner wins HD 71 primary, both levies pass

  1. Shylea Wingard says:

    Loved being able to look up the election results without having to wait for the Madisonian to hit the stand. Instant gratification!!

    You are GREAT!!


  2. Debra says:

    It would have been nice if you had provided the statistics for the Ruby Valley. Even though these numbers can be implied from the fact that Les Gilman won the vote in Madison County, the actual data would be somewhat gratifying.

    I hope that Mr. Gilman will continue to shepherd the interests of Madison County at the legislature. His efforts in the last legislature saved the Ruby Valley from economic devastation as he picked up the balls that were dropped on the Ruby Dam rehabilitation project. Mr. Gilman may not be the elected rep from HD71, but he’s the man the Ruby Valley trusts to get the job done.

  3. Toni Bowen says:

    Love having the Madisonian on line. I just sent out an e-mail to my entire client database telling them about this great resource.

  4. Dawn Hagedorn says:

    I agree with Shylea and Toni! Great to have this resource online! Thank you Greg and Madisonian staff. Curious though, just like in the printed letters to the editors, shouldn’t all folks that want their oppinions printed online provide their last name here as well? I’m just curious who Debra is.

    The Ruby Dam project was never NOT going to be funded from what I understand. It was the state’s top project. It was just a matter of where the funds where coming from. Personally I (a resident of the Ruby Valley) whole heartedly agree with Mr. Wagner that the funds should not have come from Federal so-called stimulus money that us and our children and grandchildren will be paying back through high taxes and even higher inflation.

    State funds were always in place to do the job from what I understand and have even read in the MT Standard. The key with some of the state funds was that PART of them would have to be paid back by the water users themselves which I don’t believe is unfair. However making all taxpayers, their children and grandchildren foot the entire bill through adding to our out of control Federal debt…that’s another story. Les is a very nice man but not everyone in the Ruby Valley likes the fact that Les Gilman advocated for Federal Stimulus money.

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