Volleyball: Twin Bridges Falcons go 1-1 during homecoming week, lose to Mustangs in 3

Last week was homecoming for the Twin Bridges Falcons, who hosted Manhattan Christian and Ennis for back-to-back games. After defeating the Eagles on Friday night, the Falcons took on the mighty Mustangs, who sit at number one in conference standings.

Opening the set, the Falcons set the tone as senior Kylie Larsen grabbed the first pass off the serve and knocked down the kill. The Mustangs quickly answered back, however, as Josie Hokanson did her thing behind the serving line. Then it was all Danyel Martin from the top of the net, putting down nearly every pass that came her way.

Holding the Falcons to one point early in the set and rattling their defense, the Mustangs quickly started to run away with the game. Thanks to a couple netted serves, the Falcons found themselves back on offense and ready for the point. Larsen and libero, Clancy Phillips, controlled the back row for the Falcons, hustling after every pass.

Despite the Falcons’ heart, the Mustangs’ lack of errors kept them on top throughout the match.

Read on for stats, as well as scores from other Madison County volleyball games: http://digital.madisoniannews.com/sub/account_login.php

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