Virginia City council appoints new mayor, president

David Bacon was nominated and sworn in as Virginia City council president. Bacon joined the council in 2015. (C. Avey photo)

During their first meeting of the 2018 term, Virginia City council appointed a new mayor and president, and new council members swore their oaths for the new term.

Justin Gatewood, a council member since 2014, stepped in as interim mayor after former mayor, Scott Petersen, resigned. Council appointed Gatewood to serve as Virginia City’s mayor for the next term. “I’m honored to continue on as the mayor but if someone else wants it…” Gatewood said with a laugh.

David Bacon was appointed by council as its new president, a position previously held by Gatewood. Bacon has served on council since 2015.

Also joining council is Jon Osborn. Osborn was officially sworn in during the Jan. 4 meeting, but joined council during its December meeting.

Other business

•Mayor Gatewood informed council that Steve Primm, with People and Carnivores, had secured six bear proof cans for the town, as well as 15 residential cans. The project has been ongoing since this summer, after the town experienced heavy bear activity – especially around the Nevada City waste site.

“Those are coming in to a tune of about $10,000,” said Gatewood. “Hopefully, this way we can become more bear-resistant as a town.”

•Public Works Director Dude Erdall is working on GPS locations of all the town’s hydrants. Erdall said he hopes to have that completed before the installation of fiber optic cables by 3Rivers Communication this summer.

•Elijah Allen, executive director with the Montana Heritage Commission, updated council on the renovation of the old village pump station. Allen said nothing has changed with the design, and he is still waiting to meet with the gas company regarding regulations and standards for the pumps.

“We want to have everything figured out before we present it to you,” said Allen, adding he hopes to present more information at the March council meeting.

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