Virginia City

Montana Raptor Conservation Center’s Teresa Aldrich holds Bu, a Great Horned Owl, during a presentation at the Elling House on February 2. Chaco, a Swainson’s Hawk, rested happily on a perch during the entire demonstration.

Rapt(or) Attention

VIRGINIA CITY—Residents of Virginia City, Alder and Ennis got a visit from some special guests on Saturday, February 2, although they weren’t groundhogs as the day would suggest. In fact, they would probably happily eat a groundhog for breakfast.

Original copy of the vigilante oath, written by John Lott and signed in Virgina City in December of 1863. (Montana Memory Project image)

Acting the Part

VIRGINIA CITY—Donna McNamara has been coming to Nevada City for 17 years, acting as a schoolmistress in the annual living history productions in the ghost town.

The old Virginia City carriage house in the 1950s. The new information center, where Virginia City’s new gas station will be installed this fall, will be an exact replica of the 20th-century building. (Image courtesy of Elijah Allen)

Virginia City to get gas

VIRGINIA CITY—After six decades without it, Virginia City is finally getting some gas.

At its monthly meeting on Thursday, August 2, the Virginia City town council voted to approve a project that has been on the minds of residents for years—the installation of a functioning gas station.

Lynda Andros-Clay, of Bozeman receives her medal as she finishes the Madison Duathlon on Sunday, July 8. She finished sixth in the women’s division, and plans to compete in all six of the Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series races in 2018.

‘Doing the Du’

ENNIS— Last week, we introduced you to Sam Korsmoe, race director and outdoor educator extraordinaire, and this week we begin a reporter’s journey to achieve what only 24 have achieved in the history of the GYAS: the title of total badass (TBA, as it’s referred to by participants). 


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