Verizon service to be restored to Virginia City

A little more than a week after Verizon Wireless service stopped in Virginia City, Nevada City and the surrounding area, Verizon officials say they are working on a temporary fix that will have customers’ wireless devices fully working again by week’s end.


“We are diligently working to get service up in these communities,” Verizon spokesperson Bob Kelley said.


A handful of smaller service markets in Montana were and are without service after a three-year agreement between AT&T and Verizon allowing Verizon customers to roam on different cell towers ended on June 22. In the following days wireless customers had no service in places like Lincoln, Jackson, Fishtail and Absarokee.


Local 3 Rivers Communications crews were working with Verizon earlier this week to get the temporary cell site working, providing circuits and working as a backhaul operator.


Kelley said on Monday that Verizon was negotiating some details with a property owner for a temporary cell site, and that a permanent fix was in the works too.


“We believed we were ready,” Kelley said of the agreement ending with AT&T. “We did not anticipate sites like Virginia City.”


Returning service bodes well for the area, which is home to numerous county offices including emergency services. Verizon customers can call 1-800-922-0204 or visit a Verizon store if they are still experiencing trouble with their wireless devices.

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