Students Perform For a Full House in Sheridan

More than a hundred members of the Sheridan community packed in to the old gym at the Sheridan High School on Friday for “A Night Of Glee”, a variety show put on by the high school band, choir and music theory class. The production put a hard working group of students in the spotlight to showcase their talents.

The audience doubled the expected turnout for the event, and while the students enjoyed the show as much as the spectators, they also enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing their hard work appreciated by the community.

Senior Natalie Hagen worked as stage director for the show, and she said planning began from the first day of school this fall. When Friday night rolled around, she was busy making sure people were in their places and ready to go. Her job was to oversee everyone during show time, making sure everything was in order as well as assist music teacher Carla Wisler. And while Hagen felt the pressure of being a driving force behind the student performers and their routines, seeing so many people in the audience made it all worthwhile.

“I’m just so happy that the whole community came, because that was the really awesome part,” she said. “Having so many people support us just made everything so much better.”

“I’ve never, ever seen it that packed,” she added. “We were running out of chairs, people were sitting on the floor. It was amazing.”

Leading up to Friday’s performance, it was clear the amount of teamwork that went in to producing such a show.

“When you’re in choir or band, you are working with so many other people to perform one piece of music, and you’re all working your very best to give people a good show,” said Hagen.

Whether it was the choir, band or stage crew, the students worked together with the goal of making the most of an opportunity to seize the moment. While some people might be easily overcome by stage fright, these young stars from Sheridan set their nerves aside to enjoy their time to shine.

“That’s kind of part of the fun. It makes you feel alive, being nervous like that,” said student body president Chase Berry. “Once the show starts then all your nerves are gone, and you’re just excited.”

Berry joined junior Brant Marsh on stage as an emcee the day of the performance, and much of their dialogue was made up on the fly. While Berry isn’t in the music program this fall, he looks forward to participating in band or choir this spring.

“Its just a great program that Mrs. Wisler is running, and its just a great thing to be a part of,” he said. “I was just amazed at how well the show actually turned out.”

As the audience took in the show, student servers hustled about in the shadows serving coffee and cookies, just another reminder that when it comes down to the bottom line, the variety show is about keeping the audience entertained.

“So you really have to put your faith in you fellow students and they do the same in you, and everybody has to work together to reach their goal which is to make beautiful music or make a beautiful show,” said Hagen. “You have to work together to be flawless.”

“I just really wanted everybody to have fun and to realize that this was a good idea,” Hagen continued. “You only get so many moments, and high school is four years and its over. So to really build those memories that you will have forever, to remember ‘Oh, hey, I sang this song when I was a sophomore in high school.’”

“It’s definitely going to be one of the highlights of my year,” she said.

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