Utterly inspiring

Hi readers,

Earlier this month, I attended the University of Montana School of Journalism’s internship and career fair. I traveled to Missoula without any expectations – though The Madisonian and the West Yellowstone Star are not desperate for interns, I wanted to see a young crop of journalists. If I found a student with skills complimentary to what our organization preferences, all the better!

I had nine, 20-minute interviews, starting at 9 a.m. The first student I met impressed me. She was driven, passionate and excited about journalism. She’d done her research, and during our interview, she referenced recent articles from our papers. At the end of her 20 minutes, I was smiling ear-to-ear, but assumed she would be an outlier.

She wasn’t. For the most part, every student brought enthusiasm about the journalism industry and a drive to work in the media world. Whether they were fashion writers, designers, videographers or print-focused, they were doing it for a reason.

It was a good reminder for me. I love my job, and I can’t picture myself in any other career. But like with anything, it can wear on you a bit. My few hours at the school of journalism in Missoula helped me shake those feelings and get inspired again.

Print journalism is not dying. Community journalism isn’t failing.

In our rural, Montana communities, we recognize the importance in providing a hyperlocal news source now more than ever – you, readers, can seek national information from any of thousands of media conglomerates, but the only place you will read about a county spelling bee or a town council meeting is from a community paper.

That being said, it’s time for my yearly request to all of you: Please, engage with us! We want to hear what is important to you, so we can better inform, entertain and enlighten all of you.
My door is always open in Ennis – if that’s too far of a trek, call the office at 682-7755 or email (editor@madisoniannews.com).

Our staff lives here. We’re invested here. We care. And that’s exciting!


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