Twin Bridge VFW post to be closed by state officials over records mistake

The Twin Bridges Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 3843 was recently declared defunct after post leaders did not submit annual election reports to the state VFW offices.

Air Force veteran and Post Quartermaster Dick Marshall said when he and Twin Bridges Post Commander Walt Whitfield met with state VFW officials at the Wagon Wheel on Sept. 12, they assumed it was simply an annual post inspection but this was not the case.

Marshall and Whitfield instead received copies of two letters from the state VFW delegates, dated Sept. 4 and Sept. 9, which Marshall says he never received by mail. One of the letters demanded the Twin Bridges post surrender all of their assets, which Marshall refused.

“They told us that this action was being taken because I had failed to submit an election of officers report,” said Marshall. “The officers hadn’t changed. Walt and I had been officers previously, and so I didn’t think it was a big deal and I neglected to send in the reports.”

Marshall received a pink slip from the national VFW office stating their records indicated that Whitman and himself were commander and quartermaster of Twin Bridges VFW Post #3843.

“So I thought the election report was unnecessary,” Marshall said.

He made note on the letter that the information was correct and mailed it on to the state VFW office, but state adjutant/quartermaster Tim Peters told Marshall he never received it. Marshall said Whitfield asked if anything could be done to remedy the situation, but the men were told nothing could be done and the revocation of their charter was final.

Peters said there was a 30-day period to appeal following the letter the Twin Bridges Post should have received in July.

“Once that 30 days is over they have no appeals,” Peters said Tuesday.

Peters explained that Twin Bridges veterans could from a new VFW post if they can get together a minimum of 25 vets to join.

In the meantime, Marshall is in the process of starting up a different organization called United Veterans and Auxiliary of Twin Bridges.

“The veterans have done quite a lot for the community,” he said. “At the time of the hurricane in Louisiana and Mississippi we sent a truck load of material down there, we maintain a kids fishing pond and we have an annual dinner for the community at Christmas time,” as well as an honor guard for funerals of local vets.

“All veterans are eligible to join regardless of their time of service, and any ladies that wish to join the Auxiliary are welcome to do so,” Marshall continued. “I think we’ll continue to what we have been doing.”

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