Twin Bridges School Board receives award, looks toward homecoming

The Twin Bridges School Board discussed a student petition to enroll as a senior and participate in graduation at their monthly meeting last Tuesday.

The student is participating in an international exchange program, and the board approved the petition pending review of the student’s academic transcripts from their home country by superintendent Chad Johnson.

Johnson explained that transfer students are not typically allowed to enroll as seniors because the Twin Bridges diploma encompasses much more than one year in the classroom, and the curriculum can often be difficult for exchange students who speak English as a second language. In recent years ESL transfer students at Twin Bridges have struggled with placement in senior English classes.

The board moved to allow the student to participate in graduation ceremonies and receive an honorary Twin Bridges diploma. Since the senior class has spent countless hours fundraising for their class trip, transfer students must cover their own travel expenses to participate.

The school board also received a special presentation from Madison County’s Treasurer Shelly Burke and Superintendent of Schools Judy Osborn. The presentation covered Montana school finance and school district budgets, and included an item-by-item breakdown of the August 2011 cash report for the Twin Bridges school district.

Board members took the opportunity to ask several questions about the budget and financing of the school district.

In other news the board carried a motion to approve a contract with Lynn Vial as an aide for ESL classes. Superintendent Johnson said Vial’s hours in the classroom will increase this year, adding: “We have better communication now between the school and the parents and the students. She does a great job.”

A motion was also carried to approve first reading revisions to several school district policies.

The district will celebrate Homecoming the week of Sept. 26 through Oct. 1. Events include a faculty volleyball game on during seventh hour on Wednesday, and a pep rally at 1:30 p.m. and barbecue at 5 p.m. followed by a bonfire on Thursday. Friday’s events include the homecoming parade at 12:30 p.m., varsity volleyball at 2 p.m. and varsity football at 7 p.m., which will highlight the 1951 Twin Bridges State Champion football team. Saturday features the Twin Bridges Fall Festival and a movie night for students at the school starting at 7 p.m.

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