Twin Bridges School Board sets levy amount, hires Ag Ed teacher

TWIN BRIDGES – At their regular monthly meeting on April 11 the Twin Bridges School Board voted to put a $20,000 general fund mill levy on the May 8 school election ballot.

The board discussed next year’s school district budget and a variety of options, starting with running no levy at all and working on up to the maximum allowable mills the district would be able to ask for from taxpayers. With the $20,000 levy of 4.63 mils taxpayers will see an increase of $6.83 on property with a market value of $100,000.

Superintendent Chad Johnson emphasized the importance of running a mill levy because it allows the district to continue to offering the same level of quality educational services to the community.

One discussion point raised to illustrate the necessity of the mill levy is the increasing cost of fuel. In order to continue the same level of service for extra curricular activities, sports and other educational programs requiring travel, the district must consider the rise in fuel.

Also at the April 11 meeting the district concluded an extensive applicant review process for the new full-time Agriculture Education position. The district’s personnel committee, made up of board chair Dave Ashcraft, trustee Joan Phillips, principal Aaron Griffin and superintendent Chad Johnson, interviewed five well qualified candidates for the job, a process that Ashcraft described as “refreshing.”

“If that program is indicative of the candidates we interviewed, we will have no problem and a very successful program,” Ashcraft said.

While Johnson’s individual recommendation for the position was in conflict with the other members of the personnel committee, he noted how impressed he was by the level of professionalism displayed all the candidates.

“Each and every interviewed candidate brought to the table qualities of high instruction, achievement, certification and motivation,” Johnson said. “Each and every one of them made me proud that Twin Bridges was so high on their list of schools.”

The board voted to offer the contract for vocational agriculture teacher to Steve Chrest, in accordance with the district’s collective bargaining agreement. As of press time the district clerk could not confirm whether or not Chrest had accepted the contract.

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