Twin Bridges School Board accepts students from Sheridan, prepares for new year, works on budget

The Twin Bridges school board welcomed a few new families from the neighboring Sheridan School District last Tuesday, as the board made preparations for the coming school year.

The board passed a motion to approve seven FP-14 forms submitted to Twin Bridges superintendant Chad Johnson, all coming from the Sheridan school district. The form is a request allowing individual students to enroll in a school district outside where they reside.

Johnson contacted the parents of the individual students to explain the FP-14 application process, and said he has “no reason to believe at this point that we have any concerns in talking with the parents on any of these students.”

The board also carried motions to use Twin Bridges School as the location for fall 2011 Hunter’s Safety Education classes, as well as the fall 2011 Madison County Sheriff’s training. The sheriff’s department will be at the school on Sunday, Aug. 28 to practice responses to an emergency situation. Officers will use non-firing, non-capable weapons for the exercise, Johnson said, adding that “the training is meant to work with our county officers on how they would handle that situation.”

The board also reviewed a budget for the 2011/12 school year, but waited to take action until a special meeting scheduled for Aug. 23 as the budget was not yet finalized.

School activities began last week with practice for football, volleyball and cross country programs. Students are required by the district to undergo impact concussion assessments in order to be eligible to participate. The assessment is available to teachers and coaches in electronic form, and is intended to assist student supervisors in detecting concussions. Johnson explained that the assessment is a safety measure for both student athletes and the school district.

“Any time you can put in a measure in to help kids remain safe, then you do it,” Johnson said.

The most noticeable change to the Twin Bridges School might be the lack of shade trees in front of the building on 6th Avenue. The trees were removed due to their growth into the overhead power lines, but Johnson said they will be replaced with red and white fruitless crabapple trees.

Classes will begin Thursday Aug. 25. A flag-raising ceremony is scheduled for Friday and American Legion representatives will demonstrate how to raise the flag properly. Fifth and sixth grade classes will alternate flag-raising duties every month, and a school flag will fly underneath the Stars and Stripes. The next Twin Bridges school board meeting will be Tuesday Sept. 20.

“I can’t believe we start in a week,” Johnson said. “It’s been a busy summer.”


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