Twin Bridges resident wins Montana millionaire lottery

The holidays are always a time to celebrate for many different reasons, but for Twin Bridge’s Tom Sadler New Years Day proved to be extra special when he discovered he won $10,000.

Sadler, who lives just south of Twin Bridges, went online Sunday New Years Day to check the winning numbers for the Montana Millionaire state lottery. The contest has a one million dollar prize, four $100,000 prizes and five $10,000 prizes. When Saddler discovered his winning ticket, he was more than happy about getting a big cardboard check a week after Christmas.

“I ran upstairs and got the ticket, and sure enough the numbers matched,” he said.

Sadler said he purchased the ticket at Walter’s IGA in Sheridan in November, sometime around Thanksgiving when he was passing through town running errands. He doesn’t usually play lottery contests, he said, but he decided to buy a Montana Millionaire ticket for no particular reason other than an annual Christmas/New Year’s “kind of thing” he’s done for the last four or five years.

“I pick up a ticket every once in a while if the jackpot gets high enough,” Sadler admits, but adds quickly “Never won anything in my life.”

The Montana Millionaire lottery features a limited pool of tickets for the annual raffle style game, and players’ chances of winning the million-dollar jackpot are 1 in 125,000.

Sadler cashed in the winning ticket last week at the state lottery office in Helena, where he took home a little more than $6,800 after taxes. With his winnings Sadler plans to help his son Mike pay tuition and fees where he goes to school in North Carolina.
When asked if his recent luck will change the way the way he plays the lottery, Sadler just laughed and said no.

“I wont play it any more often than I usually do,” he said. “I figure probably I don’t have any chance of ever winning again, now that I’ve won once, you know.”

For the time moment Sadler is enjoying the nice little surprise that arrived along with the New Year.

“Very first day of the year, you win $10,000, that’s not too bad,” he said.

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