Twin Bridges looks for new town councilor

If you’re passionate about Twin Bridges, live in the town limits and have some time to spare, you might be just the right fit for the Twin Bridges Town Council.

The town is looking for a replacement councilor after Verta Dorseth resigned earlier this month.

Dorseth is stepping down due to health reasons and is hoping someone fills her spot that has passion for the community.

“What I would really like would be somebody who really has the town’s best interest at heart,” she said.

Dorseth has enjoyed serving as counselor and believes that even though it can be a thankless job, it’s a crucial one for the community.

“I have a whole new appreciation for those people who serve so tirelessly on any board,” she said.

The town is accepting applications for a new commissioner until Jan. 10, said Twin Bridges Mayor Tom Hyndman.

Whoever fills Dorseth’s spot will have to run in the November election to keep the spot, Hyndman said.

In Twin Bridges, counselors have one regular meeting a month along with an occasional special meeting, he said.

Counselors are paid $20 per meeting, Hyndman said. Additionally, the town pays for them to travel to local government training sessions.

Things at the town are kind of quiet right now, he said. The council has been working on finishing their sewer lagoon project and updating a few ordinances.

It’s important for people interested in the council position to understand they need to represent the town’s interests, Hyndman said.

“You just need to represent and listen to the people of the community and try to be fair with everyone,” he said. “Somebody that will be dedicated to come to the meetings and serve for the people of the town and try to look at the pros and the cons of different things and try to represent them the best they can.”

Applicants should call or stop by town hall if their interested in applying. Hyndman will interview applicants and make a recommendation to the council.

“We’ll just go over them and pick the one we think will be the best for the job,” he said.

For more information, call Cathy at 684-5243 or come to the town office during normal business days.

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