Twin Bridges Library closes to deal with bat problem

The Twin Bridges Public Library will be closed temporarily to allow for maintenance work to exclude bats from the building, and temporary services will be available through the Twin Bridges Museum two doors down the block from the library.

The library is closed to allow exterminators to seal the building and resolve the bat problem, said library director Betty Humbert.

“Bats come into this country in April,” Humbert explained. “They leave about this time of year, so then you seal the building up so that you don’t get them back.”

While the library is closed, patrons will be allowed access to the regular regional newspapers including the Wall Street Journal through the Twin Bridges Museum. People may also request materials from the library through the museum, and summer story hour sessions will continue to be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Twin Bridges School Library.

Sit-down computer access will not be available while the library is closed, but laptop users with a wireless internet connection may be able to pick up a signal on the sidewalk near the front of the building. Humbert said the work is being done as quickly as possible, but could not say how long the library will be closed for.

“The building is closed until we get it sealed up,” Humbert said. “Then we’ll know that we’re not going to have any more bats.”

For more information contact the library at 684-5416 or museum at 684-5121.

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