Twin Bridges joins Dillon for wrestling, softball

Athletes from Twin Bridges will now have expanded opportunities to compete in sports via a cooperative agreement with Beaverhead County High School.

During their monthly school board meeting last Tuesday Twin Bridges school superintendent Chad Johnson informed the board of trustees that a cooperative sponsorship has been approved between the school district and Beaverhead County High School.

The co-op will allow Twin Bridges students to participate in wrestling and softball on teams at Beaverhead County High School through the 2013-14 school year. The school is required to pay a registration fee and adhere to the Ridgeway Settlement Agreement providing equal opportunities for girls and boys regarding athletic opportunities.

The wrestling co-op will be restricted to eight athletes because the average number of students per school participating in Class C wrestling programs in Montana is nine, Johnson said. If more than eight students want to wrestle the board will have to approve a stand-alone wrestling program at Twin Bridges. Johnson continued to say that the program depends on the level of participation from student athletes.

“If more come out than that (eight) then we’ve got to be prepared that the co-op will be dissolved,” he said.

The board also discussed starting a high school rodeo team in Twin Bridges and joining the Montana High School Rodeo Association.

Johnson reported the MHSRA requires that students be in good standing with the school and maintain passing grades in 70 percent of their classes. During the conversation the board discussed how athletic letters would be awarded for the rodeo team and suggested forming a committee to formalize the school’s lettering policy.

Board chair Dave Ashcraft emphasized the policy must be fair and consistent for all student athletes regardless which sports they participate in, and requested additional information on how other high school rodeo programs award school letters to their student athletes.

In other news, the board discussed district policies concerning School Board Meeting Procedures (1700) and Board Communications (1055).

Johnson explained the importance of maintaining the lines of communication between the community and the board through individual trustees, adding that the policies are in place to protect the school district and its administrators. Board member Lori Harshbarger requested the board communicate any concerns on the two policies to her via email to resolve any questions.

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