Twin Bridges extends application deadline for new town councilor

Officials in Twin Bridges are pushing back the deadline to accept applications for the vacant town council seat until the first week of February to allow more time for applicants.

“The deadline was just a little too short for some of them,” said Twin Bridges Mayor Tom Hyndman.

Twin Bridges is looking for a new town councilor to fill the spot being vacated by Verta Dorseth, who is leaving due to health reasons. However, Dorseth has agreed to stay on one more month until a replacement is found, Hyndman said.

“Verta said she would stay on until February, so we’re just extending it,” he said.

The person appointed to replace Dorseth will be up for election in November, Hyndman said.

The Twin Bridges town council meets once and month and councilors are expected to attend the occasional special meeting, he said.

People interested in applying should stop by or call town hall for more information. The deadline for applications is Feb. 8 – the date of the next town council meeting. The council will take up the issue at the meeting and hopefully come to a decision, Hyndman said. The goal is to have the new councilor seated by the March council meeting.

For more information call Cathy at 684-5243 or come to the town office during normal business hours.

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