Twin Bridges defeats Sheridan during homecoming volleyball game

Last week was homecoming week for Sheridan Schools, who hosted the Twin Bridges Lady Falcons for some conference volleyball action Sept. 12. As various superheroes packed into the gym in capes and costumes, the real superheroes were those on the court.

The match started off strong as teams sparred back and forth early in the first set. If the Panthers put down a point, Twin Bridges matched it and vice versa. The Panthers were able to hold the Falcons 4-4 early in the set.

If we are talking in terms of superheroes, the Falcons’ super power is their front row, which is stacked with talent. A couple years of varsity play under her belt and Riah Edsall has become a key player for the Falcons. Add superstar athlete Kailee Oliverson and Whitefish transfer student Kylie Larsen to the mix and let the powers unfold.

The Sheridan Panthers have a super power too – spirit. Lacking the height of Twin’s front row, the Panthers play every point like it is match point. Underclassmen Zoe Lee, Amanda Grow and Micara Devereaux lead the Panthers in celebration of successful volleys, points and plays. When the ball or the point does not go their way, you can bet one of the three will still cheer on the team.

Read on to learn how the game unfolded:

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