Twin Bridges community rallies to replace tree

Santa might have a brand new tree to light this Christmas in Twin Bridges.

The previous tree that stood in Twin Bridges’ City Park was blown down in the severe windstorm earlier this month leaving no tree to decorate or light for the town’s annual Christmas stroll and the holiday season. River’s Edge Gallery and the Twin Bridges Community Association are two of the main groups behind the efforts to replace the tree before Christmas rolls around.

Other ideas to liven up the small park space between the fire hall and Old Hotel include a possible gazebo, pathways, and maybe even two trees.

“Twin trees for Twin Bridges,” Therese Hutchinson of Main Street Market and River’s Edge Gallery said. “Our goal is to have one up by Christmas. A lot of folks in town have offered up funds. It’s great.”

Hutchinson guessed that the previous tree had been in the park for 30 years or more since that’s how long the community had decorated it for the holidays. It was removed from the park after falling, just like a large number of other trees throughout the town.

Those interested in donating money, time or ideas to this project should contact Hutchinson at 684-5070 or Jack Leber at 684-5686. More information should be available at the next Twin Bridges Community Association meeting. Check for a meeting time.

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