Rotary Club builds fence at memorial playground

Members of the Twin Bridges Rotary Club install a new fence around the Aubrey Broksle Memorial Playground at the Madison County Fairgrounds. Submitted photo

TWIN BRIDGES – The Aubrey Broksle Memorial Playground at the Madison County Fairgrounds is undergoing another major improvement thanks to the Twin Bridges Rotary Club.

Recently the club installed chain link fencing around the small playground with the help of volunteers, club members and a $1,000 community improvement grant from Rotary International, said Rotary Club president Frank Colwell.

Aubrey Broksle Memorial Park was built in memory of Aubrey Broksle who passed away about 15 years ago. The park’s construction was thanks to several local donations, but in the past several years it has been plagued by vandalism.

The most egregious vandalism came late last spring, when vandals destroyed a playhouse, overturned logs bordering the playground and dumped broken glass throughout the play area.

In the subsequent months, Nick Novich, who is both a member of the Rotary Club and on the Madison County Fair Board, kept looking for ideas to both protect the playground and make it safer for kids.

He and Colwell put their heads together and secured a grant for the fencing.

“Nick and I decided this would be a good project,” Colwell said.

Clay Wood donated a hefty top rail for the six-foot fence, along with the needed welding.

Recently the Rotary Club held a work night at the playground to get most of the fencing installed, with the substantial help and guidance from local handyman Bob Lancaster, Colwell said.

The fairgrounds are a very popular place for a variety of events, Novich said. And the playground gets more use than anyone could have imagined when it was built several years ago.

“It’s become a very integral part of fairground activities,” he said.

Hopefully the fence will help deter future vandalism at the playground, Colwell said. However, the Rotary Club is considering installing a video surveillance system as further prevention, he said.

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