True Value donates 50th bicycle to Lions Club

Ennis Lions Club members (from left) Glen Schroeder, Wayne Black and Dee Loveland display donated children's bicycles at True Value Hardware on Friday. Photo by Ben Coulter.

At this year’s annual Halloween Bingo Party and Carnival, the Ennis Lions Club will award some lucky person a special bicycle that will represent more than two decades of giving.

Since the late 1980s, Wayne Black, owner of Ennis True Value, has been donating new bicycles to the Lions Club bingo party. This year he donated six bringing the total of bikes donated to 50.

“That kind of support is just incredible,” said Glenn Schroeder, Ennis Lions Club president. “Not only for the Lions Club, for the fundraiser, but a tremendous donation to the community.”

For Black, who is a member of the Lions Club himself, the donation represents a larger philosophy passed along from his parents – local business owners have a responsibility and privilege to give back to the community.

“When we first started this business my folks always encouraged us to be involved in the community and try to make things better for everybody,” Black said.

People in the Ennis community support True Value and Black. In turn, his obligation is to support the community. And with this kind of support the community gets stronger – businesses are more successful and people are a little bit happier.

“Being a retailer in this community is a very unique position but it’s also a very unique responsibility,” he said. “Not everybody has the ability that I do because I’ve got a retail store. I generate revues via the community and not everybody can do that.”

The bikes donated to the Lions Club this year include two small bicycles for kids just learning to ride, two 20-inch bicycles for school-aged children and two adult-sized bicycles.

The annual Ennis Lions Club Halloween Bingo and Carnival will be Oct. 31 at the Ennis School. Tickets for the bingo games can be purchased at the event.

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