Town Commission reviews survey for community improvement

During the Ennis Town Commission meeting last Thursday, commissioners discussed questions for a community needs survey to gather feedback from Ennis residents.

The survey is designed to prioritize the needs of the community by asking residents what they feel is important and what could be improved around town. Topics of survey questions will range from public meeting facilities to urban deer to maintenance of public roadways inside the town limits. Commissioners discussed how the survey might be administered to the community, and decided not to release a full draft of the survey until all questions were finalized.

Mayor John Clark explained that the purpose of the survey is “to get us back the information to try and give us what direction we need to go as a town council and what the community wants to see.”

Commissioners also received a report on arrests and citations issued by the Ennis Police Department for 2011. The department issued a total of 290 notices to appear in Ennis City Court last year, and of that number 193 arrests or citations were issued to Montana residents. Notable violations were 148 speeding citations, 21 citations for both expired registration and 21 citations for driving without insurance. The Ennis Police Department’s operational budget for 2011 was $70,000 with one full-time sworn officer, one police vehicle and three volunteer reserve officers.

In other news commissioners passed a resolution to increase the Ennis Public Library spending and income budget. Library employees were exceeding their allotted 20 hours per week for additional help in order to have two people working any time the library is open. The resolution allows the library to cash in a CD for $2,900 without penalties from the bank in order to pay their employees, but Mayor John Clark said if the library wants to increase those hours next year they will have to come up with the funding for it.

Commissioner Brian Vincent also asked the other commissioners to sign a letter of support for the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame for submission to Sam Korsmoe, executive director of the Madison County Economic Development Council.

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