Thefts, burglaries around county cause for concern, vigilance

A few thefts and burglaries over the weekend of July 19-21 have the Madison County Sheriff’s Department on alert, and it urges everyone to be aware of suspicious activity and to secure valuables well.

In recent weeks there have been numerous thefts and break-ins from Harrison and Ennis, to Sheridan and Twin Bridges. The Sheriff’s Department continues to work on catching the thieves, who seem to be targeting unsecured valuables most often. Items stolen have ranged from a dirt bike, coolers, camp tents, cash, tires and more.

“People need to be aware of their businesses and homes,” Undersheriff Roger Thompson said. “A lot of the losses could be reduced it valuables are secured and locked up or hidden away. It’s unfortunate that the thieves out there are taking advantage of the decency and generosity of Montanans to take what they want.”

Thompson encourages anyone who sees suspicious activity or has something stolen to report it immediately. Waiting a few hours, a day or even longer decreases the chance that deputies will find out what is going and who is doing it.

The Sheriff’s Department tries to cover the entire county on patrol as best as possible, but the 10 members of the department can’t be everywhere all day every day. At least two deputies are out on patrol at any given time – one in the western portion of the county and one in the eastern portion – and they are in the Virginia City office if they need to do paperwork.

“The best way to catch the thieves is to make some headway together,” Thompson said. “Seven thousand sets of eyes are a lot better than 10.”

Increased traffic and movement of locals and tourists adds to the need for increased awareness, Thompson said. Information about the recent thefts is available on the department’s Facebook page.

To report suspicious activity or a theft, call the Madison County Sheriff’s Department/dispatch at 843-5301. If it is an emergency, please dial 911.

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