Tax bills mailed to Madison County residents

Madison County taxpayers should receive their county tax bill this week, said Madison County Treasurer Shelly Burke.

The bills were mailed Tuesday and detail real estate taxes due this year along with a breakdown of how the money owed gets distributed around the county.

Madison County collects taxes for all the local taxing districts, from school districts, to fire districts to hospital districts. The county also collects taxes for any rural improvement districts, Burke explained.

The county also collects real estate taxes for state levies.

The detailed account of how each payer’s property taxes is distributed between the various taxing districts can be found on the right side of the tax bill.

In total, Madison County sent out 14,146 tax bills totaling $26,026,253.14, which is only a small decrease from last year’s billing, Burke said.

The first half of real estate taxes is due on Nov. 30. The second half is due May 31, 2013.

Overall, the delinquency rate for Madison County is pretty low. When bills were printed this year, Burke only had 216 taxpayers from last year’s billing cycle.

For more information on your tax bill, contact Burke’s office at 843-4212.


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