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SIDEWALKS AROUND THE ‘Y: One step closer to a solution

For a week now, chalk lines have delineated where the proposed Montana Department of Transportation sidewalk would run from Deemo’s Meats to Fan Mountain Inn, which is part of the only segment of a four-section project from MDT that the town of Ennis has not approved.

Emptying the freezer, just in time to fill it again

A few weeks ago, The Madisonian participated in the Ennis Hunters Feed. If you’re not familiar with the feed, it always takes place the afternoon before opening day of rifle season and is a chance for locals to empty out their freezers by preparing wild game dishes for the community to taste and enjoy.

Ennis Town: Discussion revolves around sidewalks, alleys

At the start of the Ennis Town Commission meeting on Sept. 10, a group of Ennis business owners participated in the public comment about non-agenda items.
Their comments revolved around the ‘Y’ sidewalk project, a Montana Department of Transportation project to install sidewalks around the ‘Y,’ where MT Highway 287 and U.S. Highway 287 intersect in town.