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Bob Cleverly All Star Game – blue team gets victory

It is a game known throughout eight-man, class C football – the ‘Clev’ game.
In its 34th year, the Bob Cleverly All Star Game saw Madison County athletes take to the field, joining together with past rivals for the title. This year, thanks to a switch up of districts, Ennis and Twin Bridges senior players once again put on opposing jerseys, and battled each other for a chance to be champions. The blue team, led by five Ennis players, prevailed.

Overcoming rivalries; becoming teammates

On June 4, Falcons Kaleb Rosselott, Tracen Eggers, Colby Minert, J.D. Melhoff and Bill Yeager and Mustang powerhouse Dustin Wham lined the Bob Green Field at Montana Tech for one last game, not as opponents but as teammates in the 33rd Bob Cleverly Class C All-Star game.