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Construction of new Ruby Valley Hospital to commence next spring

“To think that, over all these years, we’ve come to a point where we’ve reached our goal is very positive,” said John Semingson, Ruby Valley Hospital CEO.
Last Wednesday, Oct. 26, community members gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony on the lot that will be the home of the new RVH.

Community gathers to hear plans for new Ruby Valley Hospital

“We’re here to answer questions and get you up-to-date,” said Ken Walsh, chairman of the Ruby Valley Hospital’s board of directors, addressing around 50 community members who gathered at the Sheridan Elementary School on March 15. “This is how we are going to meet the healthcare demands of the future.”

Healthcare in the Ruby

On Dec. 10, the Ruby Valley Hospital Board received a tentative schedule for the construction of the new hospital, with a hopeful completion date in the early fall of 2017.

“The plans are modest but modern,” said Les Gilman, president of the hospital foundation’s board of directors. “The need for the (new) hospital is justified. It will give us what we need to provide up-to-date medical care to the community.”

Ruby Valley Hospital administration explains how they plan to pay for $10.7 million facility

The Ruby Valley Hospital is just a few short steps away from receiving a $9,995,000 loan from the United States Department of Agriculture. That loan, combined with grants and community fundraising will fund the construction of a $10.7 million new hospital, according to administrator John Semingson.
The nearly $10 million loan is for 40 years, according to chief financial officer Dennis Holschbach.

Ruby Valley hopes for new hospital facility

An exact timeline is still up in the air for the construction of the new Ruby Valley Hospital because the hospital’s board and administration are waiting to submit a loan application to the U.S. Department of Agriculture to assist with funding.