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Conservation district hosts Madison Watershed planning meeting

“(The Madison Conservation District) is helping lead the community in a collaborative effort to identify our current, and future, resource concerns,” said Ethan Kunard, water programs manager for the MCD, as he welcomed 35 people to a watershed planning meeting on April 26 in Ennis. “Then we will identify our options.”

Honoring those who care for the land

Madison County conservation districts recognize land stewards

Stewards of the land

Once a year, the Madison Valley Conservation District and the Ruby Valley Conservation District receive nominations for their stewardship awards. This year, the Madison Valley Conservation District selected John and Donna Crumley, McAllister ranchers, as awardees. In the Ruby Valley, Craig and Martha Woodson received the 2016 award. Read on to find out how the Crumleys and Woodsons have made a difference in conserving Madison County as stewards of the land.