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Brucellosis detected in 1 Madison County heifer

According to officials with the Montana Department of Livestock, brucellosis has been detected in a cattle herd in Madison County. The National Veterinary Services Lab in Iowa confirmed the disease, and the news came in the form of a DOL press release on Aug. 24.

Compared to last year’s record harvest, hunter success rate low

“At the end of last (hunting) season we had 8,700 elk in that country,” Waltee said. “Coming out of winter, we had about 2,400 calves on the ground, so we probably started this season with 11,100 elk, or somewhere around there.”

FWP game wardens, locals rescue calf moose from barbed wire fence

A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ game warden’s job description is not cut and dry. For instance, last week, Madison Valley game warden Shane Brozovich and Ruby Valley game warden Ryan Picken were hard at work in Sheridan, rescuing a calf moose from a barbed wire fence.

FWP biologist completes summer antelope survey for Madison

If you live in the Madison Valley and saw a blue and yellow fixed-wing plane soaring overhead on Aug. 7, it was most likely Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Julie Cunningham.
Cunningham flies over the Madison Valley four times a year completing surveys – once in the winter for elk, once in both the winter and summer for antelope and once in the spring for mule deer. On Aug. 7, she was surveying antelopes, or pronghorns.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks names Sheppard as new region three supervisor

Last Friday, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks announced Sam Sheppard was named the new region three supervisor.
Sheppard, a Montana native, said the outdoors, ranching, stewardship and wildlife has been in his blood since he was born. After growing up in rural, northeast Montana, Sheppard graduated from Montana State University with a biology degree and went to work for Idaho Fish and Game.