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MHC receives $2 million from state to preserve Virginia City, Nevada City

When Governor Steve Bullock signed House Bill 2 into law on May 9, the Montana Heritage Commission, which oversees Virginia City and Nevada City, received $2 million for maintenance and preservation to be used over the next two years.

Virginia City, Nevada City produce $62.2 million for state

The popular tourist destination of Virginia City and Nevada City benefit Montana’s economy, and this year the 2015 legislature has a few bills that may impact the towns.

Virginia City tourism benefit to Madison County

Virginia City and Nevada City are popular destinations for Montana tourists and out-of-staters. Now, a recently released economic impact study about the towns shows how they affect Madison County as a whole.

Virginia City rallies to support MHC

Virginia City government officials and concessionaires are relieved because the Montana Heritage Commission (MHC) is one step closer to ensuring management of its properties does not change hands and move to Helena.

After a Sept. 10 meeting in Helena, the Environmental Quality Council (EQC) unanimously voted to support SJR4, a proposed bill intended to assist the MHC in changing some of its government statutes.