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Will Ennis residents pay to maintain the streets or contest a proposed maintenance district?

Paying for road maintenance now will cost less than having to replace streets in the future, according to Ennis town officials.
More than 20 Ennis residents gathered at town hall for the town commission’s regular meeting on Nov. 13 – the majority of those in attendance had questions about a maintenance district the commissioners are considering creating.

County receives around $550,000 for road in south Madison Valley

Commissioner Jim Hart received good news from the Federal Land Access Program (FLAP) on Oct. 6. The good news was approximately $550,000 to complete a road project from Highway 287 to Highway 87 in the south Madison Valley next spring – the road connects both highways with Forest Service land and the highly recreated Cliff and Wade lakes, Hart said.

Forest Service money allotted to projects in Madison County

From weed control to trail maintenance, Forest Service resource advisory committees (RAC) approved funding for multiple projects on Oct. 1, many of which are located in Madison County.

Madison Valley Manor will receive facelift in 2015 to make facility more comfortable

By December 2015 the Madison Valley Manor (MVM) will have an entirely new interior, thanks to a long-overdue remodel project, manor administrator Darcel Cook said.
With more baby boomers than generation x or y-ers, Madison County is an aging county, Commissioner Jim Hart said. It is for that reason the two county-owned nursing homes – the MVM in Ennis and the Tobacco Root Mountains Care Center (TRMCC) in Sheridan – are so vital to the area.

County commits $20K to economic development

A new agreement between Madison County and the Northern Rocky Mountain Economic Development District (NRMEDD) will give businesses and not-for-profits in the Madison and Ruby Valleys resources for economic growth.
“What is important to me is the end result,” said Les Gilman, a Madison County Economic Development Council board member and owner of IH Cattle Company near Alder. “In the end, we want economic development.”

Snowpack runoff and June rains help valleys transition to summer

Though area snowpack was melting rapidly in early June, dryer conditions to close out the month slowed that melt, creating the best-case scenario to prevent major flooding.

“We had a dramatic improvement in our water pattern,” said Lucas Zukiewicz, hydrologist with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. “It was pretty dry through the end of the second week of June, which allowed the snowpack to melt in little increments instead of one big wave.”

Southwestern Montana Stockmen’s Association meets in Dillon

Producers from Madison, Beaverhead and Silverbow counties met in Dillon on May 20 for a Southwestern Montana Stockmen’s Association meeting. The association gives involved producers the opportunity to have a say in the issues affecting Southwest Montana, Twin Bridges rancher Rick Sandru said.