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Hunting and ethics

“This is the week that really tests everybody,” said Ruby Valley resident Dan Crismore last Wednesday. “We call it desperation week – the hunters that haven’t gotten anything are nervous.”
‘Desperation week’ is the final week of hunting season, when it seems like issues with hunter ethics become more common.

FWP game wardens, locals rescue calf moose from barbed wire fence

A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ game warden’s job description is not cut and dry. For instance, last week, Madison Valley game warden Shane Brozovich and Ruby Valley game warden Ryan Picken were hard at work in Sheridan, rescuing a calf moose from a barbed wire fence.

FWP biologist completes summer antelope survey for Madison

If you live in the Madison Valley and saw a blue and yellow fixed-wing plane soaring overhead on Aug. 7, it was most likely Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Julie Cunningham.
Cunningham flies over the Madison Valley four times a year completing surveys – once in the winter for elk, once in both the winter and summer for antelope and once in the spring for mule deer. On Aug. 7, she was surveying antelopes, or pronghorns.

Predator pressure – Grizzlies and wolves in Madison County

Grizzlies are a real concern for rancher John Anderson.

Anderson’s cows graze on state and Forest Service land at the South end of the Gravelly Mountain Range during the summer, and he believes there is a predator problem.