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Hunter dollars impact the local economy

An estimated $324 million in 2016 alone circulates through Montana as a result of big game hunting, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. That figure includes resident and non-resident spending and combines elk, deer and antelope hunters, according to a FWP economic impact study.

Compared to last year’s record harvest, hunter success rate low

“At the end of last (hunting) season we had 8,700 elk in that country,” Waltee said. “Coming out of winter, we had about 2,400 calves on the ground, so we probably started this season with 11,100 elk, or somewhere around there.”

FWP requests public comments on adjustments to fishing regulations

Every four years, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks completes a comprehensive review of the state’s fishing regulations and submits recommendations for changes to the rulebook to the Fish and Wildlife Commission. The last substantial review and recommendation cycle took place last year, which means the next major review cycle will be completed in 2019, with any new rules going into effect in the 2020 fishing regulations.

Bear on the tracks: FWP, sheriff’s office respond to Virginia City, Nevada City train to chase bear away

“He must have been trying to get a free ride or something,” joked Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Ryan Picken, referring to the cinnamon black bear that was hanging around the train tracks between Virginia City and Nevada City on Aug. 21.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks leases fishing access sites along Ruby River

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission was presented with three lease renewals for fishing access sites along the Ruby River, which they approved at a meeting in mid-March.
The sites included in the five-year renewal are the Alder Bridge FAS, Ruby Island FAS and Silver Spring FAS, according to region three FAS manager Ray Heagney with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.