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Hunting and ethics

“This is the week that really tests everybody,” said Ruby Valley resident Dan Crismore last Wednesday. “We call it desperation week – the hunters that haven’t gotten anything are nervous.”
‘Desperation week’ is the final week of hunting season, when it seems like issues with hunter ethics become more common.

Emptying the freezer, just in time to fill it again

A few weeks ago, The Madisonian participated in the Ennis Hunters Feed. If you’re not familiar with the feed, it always takes place the afternoon before opening day of rifle season and is a chance for locals to empty out their freezers by preparing wild game dishes for the community to taste and enjoy.

Working group, FWP propose changes to 2011 elk season in Madison Valley

Hunters are going to see some of their opportunity to hunt elk in the Madison Valley reduced next year and they only have themselves to blame. In response to poor hunter behavior during the general big game season on the private land portions of hunting districts 360 and 362, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will […]