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Conservation district hosts Madison Watershed planning meeting

“(The Madison Conservation District) is helping lead the community in a collaborative effort to identify our current, and future, resource concerns,” said Ethan Kunard, water programs manager for the MCD, as he welcomed 35 people to a watershed planning meeting on April 26 in Ennis. “Then we will identify our options.”

Honoring those who care for the land

Madison County conservation districts recognize land stewards

Madison Conservation District talks climate impacts during watershed planning meeting

In January, the Madison Conservation District held the first of six meetings in an effort to get the community involved before preparing a watershed report. The first meeting, led by Ethan Kunard, water programs manager for the Madison Conservation District, focused on water quality and quantity in the Madison Watershed. The second meeting, held March 29, focused on how past, present and future climate conditions affect the watershed.

For the love of conservation

The Madison Valley community has been inundated with young people hoping to make a difference in 2017. Three members with the Big Sky Watershed Corps, an AmeriCorps program that assists Montana’s watershed communities, have taken placements in Ennis as part of an effort to make a difference in local conservation efforts.

Sandru named conservation district supervisor of the year

Sandru was recently selected as Conservation District Supervisor of the Year for the Montana Association of Conservation Districts for his work and collaboration with various ranching and grazing associations, conservation districts and government agencies.

ENNIS TOWN: Conservation district attends to discuss stream health

Since 2010, the Madison Conservation District has worked with community volunteers and the Department of Environmental Quality to monitor the health of various streams in the Madison Watershed. Throughout the years, they found few impairments on most area waterways, but one creek in particular suffers from issues with sediment, nutrients, E.coli and more – Moore Creek.

Interested parties host interagency meeting to discuss Madison County-related projects

“We’ve been meeting for a number of years, and we’ve continually found open dialogue helps all of us,” said Madison County commissioner Dave Schulz, addressing a group of 20 agency and county representatives at an interagency meeting on July 14.
Representatives from the Bureau of Land Management, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Ennis Fish Hatchery and conservation districts met with Madison County government officials at the BLM’s cabin at Axolotl Lakes Wilderness Study Area, southwest of Ennis.
The group meets quarterly, and Schulz said the gatherings serve a dual purpose: first, everyone is aware of various projects happening in the area, and second, because people from various organizations find they can help each other.

Stewards of the land

Once a year, the Madison Valley Conservation District and the Ruby Valley Conservation District receive nominations for their stewardship awards. This year, the Madison Valley Conservation District selected John and Donna Crumley, McAllister ranchers, as awardees. In the Ruby Valley, Craig and Martha Woodson received the 2016 award. Read on to find out how the Crumleys and Woodsons have made a difference in conserving Madison County as stewards of the land.

Norwegian Creek restoration effort

When Mark Sabo purchased land east of Harrison eight years ago, he noticed a section of Norwegian Creek, which crosses through his land, was degraded as a result of overgrazing.

“All the willows and the cottonwoods were eaten,” Sabo said. “I wanted to build the creek up because it dropped into the land.”