Sheriff Dave Schenk will not seek re-election

After 40 years in law enforcement and nearly 11 dedicated to serving Madison County as sheriff, Dave Schenk said he will not file for re-election. He will retire at the end of his term on Dec. 31, 2014.

Schenk spent 29 and a half years on the Montana Highway Patrol. He first became familiar with Madison County in 1973, when he was stationed in West Yellowstone and part of Highway 287 in Madison County became his patrol zone.

“I was there until 1977 and then I moved to Bozeman,” Schenk said.

In 1982 Schenk moved to Ennis as the resident highway patrol officer for Madison County, where he worked until he was promoted to sergeant in 2001.

“I spent one year in Great Falls, commuting back on the weekends, and then was stationed in Three Forks,” he explained.

In 2002, Schenk ran for Madison County sheriff and was elected in 2003—a career path he said had always been at the back of his mind. Now, Schenk thinks it is time for him to step down and experience retirement.

“It is somewhat due to age,” Schenk said. “I really want to experience a good retirement and a change while I am healthy—that way I can enjoy it.”

The Schenk family plans to maintain residence in Montana but according to Schenk, his retirement will give them more time to travel, hunt and enjoy their horses. Schenk was quick to emphasize his appreciation for the job.

“I enjoy every day I come to work and not many people can say that,” he said. “I am going to relish every single day for the rest of this year until Dec. 31.”

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