Sheridan School Board reviews current challenges

The Sheridan School Board received a preliminary report from the School Advisory Council on positive and negative points surrounding the district during the regular monthly meeting last Tuesday night.

The report contained a lengthy list of “Panther positives” compiled by students, parents and teachers. Items on the list included everything from a positive attitude and good extra curricular programs to field trips and a four-day school week. The report also included several challenges currently facing the district, and Student Advisory Council members were allowed to vote on which challenges they felt were the greatest concern.

Some members of the public in attendance voiced concerns that the most pressing challenges facing the school were not receiving enough attention from the school board, and board members Bill Wood, Mike Berry and Therese Sutton volunteered for a committee to follow up on the School Advisory Council’s report.

Superintendent Kim Harding gave a presentation outlining School Board Policy 1700 on the Uniform Complaint procedure, explaining when and where public comments may be taken and how members of the community should formally express their concerns.

“We do have a line of communication in our school system, and we always need to start at the point of conflict,” Harding said.

The school board also received a portfolio presentation from eighth-grade student Charlie Smart. Smart explained the three projects he completed step by step for woodshop, math and science classes, and he reflected on what he learned throughout the process, adding that he wants to become an engineer one day.

“I really enjoyed doing all three of these projects because they were all something I enjoyed to do, and they will help me with my career choice in the future,” Smart said.

In other news the board approved the hiring of Amy Kadrmas for forensics coach and Robert Gump and Katie Liles for head and assistant middle school girls basketball coaches. The board also approved sending qualified students to FFA Nationals held October 19-22, 2011 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Several members of the public in attendance questioned the reasons for recent staff departures from the Sheridan School District, but discussion was dropped because the board is prohibited from talking about personnel or student discipline matters at a public meeting, and it was not on the agenda for the meeting.

The next big event for the district is the Harvest Dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 5 p.m. Senior citizens from around the community are invited to attend, and dinner will be served by the school board, staff and students.

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