Sheridan nursing home opens up again, residents coming home

The Tobacco Root Mountains Care Center in Sheridan is welcoming residents back home after temporarily relocating them due to repairs and construction at the facility.

As of Monday night, 14 residents had returned from a temporary stay in Dillon, Ennis or elsewhere while work crews replaced a major sewer line under the north hallway of the facility. County commissioner Dave Schulz estimated that the remaining relocated residents would be back home by the end of this week.

“When we vacated that place we were very concerned about our residents and our staff,” he said, adding “Now that were back to a functional point, they’ve got a smile on their face because they’re happy to be back home.”

The temporary relocation would have been difficult for many residents were it not for extensive support from around the community, including the people at Madison Valley Manor. The TRMCC’s sister facility in Ennis took in 10 residents Sheridan during the construction period as well a several certified nursing assistants.

The nursing assistants came with residents to Madison Valley Manor to offer a familiar face but also to continue working while the TRMCC was temporarily vacated. Madison Valley Manor administrator Judy Melin said that the transition for residents was surprisingly comfortable, and that the process was a positive one for everyone involved.

“As often as we can, we work together” Melin said of the collaborative effort with the TRMCC staff. “We really looked at all of the aspects of having a comfortable situation for them.”

“Our staff really enjoyed having them here,” she said of the temporary residents. “In fact, I think we’ll be missing them when they leave.”

The project was originally scheduled to finish by Oct. 28, but the repairs to the sewer line set work back a week. Although residents are moving back in, Schulz guessed construction crews would take a couple more weeks to complete detail work before the entire project is finished.

“That fix was taken care of very appropriately and very timely and it actually gave the contractor that week or 10 days of time to really forge into a number of areas where they didn’t have the staff or residents there,” he said.

“This was a team effort where everybody had to kind of pull together and quite often do something that they hadn’t really been scheduled for,” said Schulz. “The place is starting to look beautiful.”

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