Sheridan library begins discussion on expansion

In an effort to get a big jump on planning for an anticipated expansion, the Sheridan Public Library is holding a public meeting Sunday evening to get public input.

The talk of expansion began recently when the town of Sheridan gave the library land to use next to their current building, said William Talbott, the library’s director.

“This is just a very preliminary meeting,” Talbott said. “There’s been some space that’s opened up in the park next to the library and we’ve gotten permission from the town to start looking at expanding.”

The Sheridan Public Library has been around since 1911 and in that time has had four different homes, he said. The library has been in the current building for about 10 years and is outgrowing its space.

“When the library was built, basically libraries hadn’t evolved into what they are now,” Talbott said.

Today the library is used for community meeting space and patrons do more than check out books. The need for more technology and a more diverse catalogue of services is increasing, he said.

The meeting Sunday will start at 7 p.m. and give people a short presentation on the history of the library and talk about the need for expansion, Talbott said.

“The we’ll be asking for – over the next few months – comments and input on what people think the library needs to add in addition to storage space or meeting space,” he said.

The process of expanding the library could take several years, Talbott said. This meeting is just the first step.

“We’re thinking this might be a process as long as 10 years or something like that,” he said. “We’re in the very, very early stages … at this point we’re not pushing a massive fundraiser or anything like that.”

For more information on the meeting or expansion plans, call the library at 842-5770.

“We would appreciate input from anybody and we’re here to serve the community and any ideas they have – even if they’re far fetched – would be welcome,” Talbott said.

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