Sheridan Festival a hot success, cut short only by weather

Parade Grand Marshalls Les Jackson, left, and Dorothy Peterson wave to the crowd Saturday during the 2011 Sheridan Summer Festival. Photo by Ben Coulter.

The sun in Sheridan blazed almost as hot as the show cars that came to town on Saturday for the Ken Steiner Memorial Car Show, part of the 2011 Sheridan Summer Festival.

The festival kicked off with a parade that began in front of Sheridan High School, went down Mill Street turning left on Main and back up East Crofoot Street in front of the Tobacco Root Mountains Care Center before it ended back at the high school. While some spectators commented that the parade lacked the participation of years past, there was no denying the kids were happy with what seemed like an endless amount of candy tossed on to the street.

A 1960 Chevy Impala sits on display during the Ken Steiner Memorial Car Show on Saturday during the 2011 Sheridan Summer Festival. Photo by Ben Coulter.

As people milled about the different vendor’s booths in the park, it was clear that the show cars lining the street were the main attraction. Steve Dobb, who organizes the car show part of the event, wasn’t afraid to admit the cars are his favorite part of the Sheridan Summer Festival.

“We’ve got a good class of nice, quality cars,” Dobb said while taking advantage of the shade offered by the registration tent.

He added that the variety of activities, from the parade and vendors to music and kids games, makes the event “good for everybody.”

“You bring in the entertainment, you bring in the vendors,” Dobb said. “The wives have something to do, they can go shopping.”

Throughout the afternoon the park was filled with many different sights and sounds, including performances by the Brewery Follies and local band Strings of Fire. As the afternoon progressed, car owners sought shade from the glaring sun while still admiring their prized automobiles. John Bjorndal of Three Forks was camped out in a folding chair beside his bright yellow 1977 Datsun 280Z.

“Everybody is so friendly and nice. The food’s great, the music is cool, it’s just a fun place to be,” Bjorndal said.

When asked if any cars in particular at the show caught his eye, besides his own, Bjorndal was at a loss for words.

“It would be hard to pick. There’s so many nice ones here,” he said.

Although the day was seemingly all fun and games, proceeds from the event were donated to crucial local organizations like the Sheridan Fire Department and senior citizen center.

Committee member Macel Anderson kept busy throughout the day keeping an eye on different events, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying the spectacle.

“I cant pinpoint one thing,” Anderson replied when asked about the highlight of the day. “I just felt it was very successful, and the committee was extremely happy with the results.”

While many in attendance were gearing up for the street dance with live music by Country Rose later on in the evening, the festival was cut short when a freak hail storm rolled into town.

“Everyone was having a lot of fun and dancing, and the storm hit and that kind of put the kibosh on things,” Anderson said.

While the final chapter of the 2011 Sheridan Summer Festival may have been washed away by inclement weather, the good news is that it will be back next year.

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