School levies pass in Twin Bridges and Harrison, fail in Sheridan

Recent special school district levy elections in Madison County were met with mixed results.

In Twin Bridges, a special election was held June 14. Voters were asked to support a general fund levy for $25,000 and a building reserve levy for next five years of $25,000 a year. Both levies passed, said Dave Ashcraft, Twin Bridges School Board Chairman. However, the final vote tallies weren’t available by press time.

Each levy will mean an increase in taxes of $11.07 on $100,000 home.

Voters in Harrison also supported the $30,000 general fund levy by a narrow margin of 59 to 52.

Harrison’s levy will result in an increase in taxes of $21.96 on a $100,000 home.

In May, Harrison superintendent Darren Strauch said the levy would allow the school to hire a new teacher to replace one who was retiring.

Voters in Sheridan turned down both general fund levies put before them. The high school levy was for $22,885 and the elementary levy was for $57,591. The high school levy failed by a vote of 84 to 90 and the elementary levy failed 81 to 92.

Sheridan had already hired back all the teachers, so the failure of the levies won’t result in a reduction of staff, said Jeff Marsh, chairman of the Sheridan School Board.

“For this year, they can keep the ship afloat,” Marsh said. “This year we can tread water without reducing force or cutting any programs.”




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