School janitor in stable condition after falling from flagpole

A Sheridan man is listed in stable condition at St. Patrick’s Hospital intensive care unit in Missoula after falling from the flagpole at the elementary school.

37-year-old Shane Watts apparently climbed the flagpole on an extension ladder to fix ropes that had become tangled late Wednesday morning when he fell. Watts works as the high school janitor and elementary school janitor and maintenance personnel.

Watts was transported to the Ruby Valley Hospital before being life flighted to Missoula. His wife Shara said from the hospital in Missoula on Friday that the extent of brain damage Shane suffered in the fall was unclear at this time. Other injuries included two broken vertebrae in his back and neck, a broken elbow, bruised kidneys and liver. Doctors were also forced to remove Watts’ spleen.

“He’s in pretty tough shape right now,” said Shara Watts, but added that his condition is stable and blood pressure is good.

Sheridan district superintendent Kim Harding said the accident was under investigation by the district and their workman’s compensation provider and declined any further comment.

A donation fund to help the Watts family has been established at both Ruby Valley National Bank locations in Sheridan and Twin Bridges.

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  1. Shara Watts says:

    Im happy to announce that Shane is home. All though he has a long road to recovery we are greatful for the quick healing to this point. I would like to thank everyone who has helped us. From the many teachers and community members not only for there prayers but the money donated to help with the traveling expenses. Sheridan has to be one of the most giving and caring community. We not only received some of the best support from all of you but if it wasn’t for the quick responses from the first individuals on the scene to the amazing medical staff, Shane may not be here today. So for this I say THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you caring, for helping and for making sure that none of us went without. Mrs. Walters you are a very caring woman, thank you. Mrs. Harding and family, an extra special thank you for making our month so much easier. Larry and Rose Keller thank you for the use of your car. Andy and Marilyn thanks for looking over Grams car and making sure it was safe for me to drive. a very special Thank you to Shan Hoover….my darling you are what family is about. To my gram you are my hero….my biggest support and one of treasures from God. God Bless all of you!!!!!!

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